Yoga Classes

 Yoga – For relaxation, exercise and peace of mind : 

Yoga – combines mental and physical control

 Yoga classes which include relaxation techniques areheld every Thursday in Hartest Institute  10.30am - 12.00pm.

All classes are for all abilities.

 The only equipment needed is an exercise mat or blanket

Remember to wear loose comfortable clothing and to bring something to keep you warm during the long relaxation session at the end of the class., ie a Fleece or small blanket.

Yoga (Sanskrit yuga, “yoke”), one of the six classic systems of Hindu philosophy, distinguished from the others by the marvels of bodily control and the magical powers ascribed to its advanced devotees.

            Cost per class is £6.50.  The terms relate to the dates of the School holidays.

 It is essential for you to contact Elizabeth Ash on 01284 388443 / 07872 120211

if you intend to go to any of the sessions in case the times / dates are changed and for information concerning fees and equipment required