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Hartest Fete 2016

Harvest Supper 

 Friday 23rd September - 7pm,
Boxted and Hartest Institute



is seeking an enthusiastic person to join it as a 


and to take part in its decision making in respect 

of the village.  If you are:

*  18 years of age, or over
            *  A British citizen, other Commonwealth citizen or Euro national
            *  Living within the parish (or three miles thereof, for the last year)

We would be delighted to consider you for co-option.

Please telephone Pat Lamb, Parish Clerk, on 

01359 233288 for further information.

Circle Dancing

Gentle Folk Dancing   No Partner Required
Come and give it a try
26th Sept 
7.30 - 9 pm

Farmers Market

1st October

10 -12.30pm

Quiz Night

Thursday 27th October - 7pm

Hartest Institute

‘People on Wheels’

There is a car driving service for residents in Boxted / Hartest / Somerton for anyone in need of transport.

Terry is a resident of the Hartest village. He will be signing his books at the Fete and announcing his forthcoming one, Out of the Silence, to be published on18 November 2016 which is the 25th anniversary of Terry's release from captivity.  It is a collection of memories, poems and reflections.
The Fete is a traditional village fete with donkey rides, morris dancers, games for children and teas for adults, a marvellous sax group and loads of fun for everyone. Free parking.

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