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Unfortunately comments submitted using the on-line survey before 16 March have not been processed.

We apologise unreservedly to anyone who took the time to fill out the survey and ask for your patience to re-complete the form.

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Events in March

  1. Hartest Film Club - March 10th -  7.30pm TANGERINES
  2. Boxted and Hartest Institute AGM - March 20th - 7pm
  3. Bee Keeping Evening and Honey Bake-Off - March 21st - 7.30  Stanstead Community Hall
  4. Mothers Day Weekend Pamper Evening - 24th March - 7pm
  5. Come and Dance Workshop - 25th March- 10am

Did you know you can help raise money for upkeep of our lovely Institute at no cost to you?

 Click here for details


Events in April

Farmers Market - 1st April

New Art and Craft Market - 8th April - 10am

Eastern Angles Theatre - 21stApril


‘People on Wheels’

There is a car driving service for residents in Boxted / Hartest / Somerton for anyone in need of transport.



We will be ordering on 14th of each month and need your order by 10th.
email;  chrisropereng@gmail.com

For the latest newsletter from Friends of Hartest Church click here


Suffolk Cruse Bereavement Care is a charity which supports the bereaved in Suffolk

Click here for contact details


Click here for Bin Collection dates during 2017

Terry is a resident of the Hartest village. He will be signing his books at the Fete and announcing his forthcoming one, Out of the Silence, to be published on18 November 2016 which is the 25th anniversary of Terry's release from captivity.  It is a collection of memories, poems and reflections.
The Fete is a traditional village fete with donkey rides, morris dancers, games for children and teas for adults, a marvellous sax group and loads of fun for everyone. Free parking.

52.140 0.679

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