People on Wheels

A community service for those needing transport

From August 1st, we will be providing a car driving service for residents in Boxted/Hartest/Somerton for anyone in need of transport.

  1. Anyone can apply, providing they give at least 48 hours notice. There is no cost for being driven although a donation towards the costs of this service (petrol etc) can be given to the driver. This donation will be passed on and used to help those drivers who wish to receive some help with their costs.
  2. The service is primarily for medical needs such as appointments to Hospital, GP, Dentist, Chemist, Optician etc, and social needs (to the Village Institute or visiting a friend for example). Regular shopping trips are not included except in an emergency.
  3. There is a maximum distance for a single trip of 15 miles each way.
  4. We already have a small bank of drivers who have kindly offered to help but we need a few more. Drivers are unlikely to have to make a drive more than once a month.

Procedure for arranging a driver and car

If you need help (or know someone that does), please ring John and Marion Kendall on 01284 789326. They will find you a driver and car and will let you know who the driver is, and confirm with you the request (where to collect from, the time and destination).

If the phone is on the answer-machine please leave a message giving your number and name. We will try and contact you within 24 hours. If you do not get a return call, please ring either Paul and Mo Woods on 01284 789477 or Val Seal on 01284 830450.