Friends of Hartest Church

Newsletter  from the Friends of Hartest Church December 2017

This year The Friends have held four fund raising events including two wonderful concerts (both shared with the PCC) - Churchgate Sinfonia in June, and The Emergers Folk Band in November.    

 In April we had another fascinating talk from Clive Paine on the History of Hartest Church, and in September the popular Harvest supper was once again a full house. 

 Together with money from the flower festival in June, two private donations, the regular income from the sale of books (£101.30 this year!), and (biggest of all) the 50/50 Club the total raised during 2016 was £2,451.30 which is amazing.  The balance of funds held is now £7051.09 (of which £1250 is reserved to spend on the kitchen).


50/50 CLUB

In January 2013 the 50/50 Club was launched which we hope will be a major fund-raiser.

Membership is available to anyone over 16. Members don't necessarily have to live in Hartest and one person can have more than one ticket.

For just £12 a year (£1 a month) you can have a regular number which will go into a monthly draw, which will take place on the FIRST SATURDAY of each month at the Farmers Market in Hartest, at 11am. 

We have decided to continue with one prize of £50 each month with the exception of December when we shall have three prizes to distribute the remaining prize fund available.

How to join:  Click here for details and application form  Your membership will cost just £12 pa and last one year starting from April, renewable annually.

 If you'd like to participate in the first draw in April, you should return your application form no later than 31st March.

However you can join at any stage during the year, you just won't be eligible for all twelve draws. The cost will £1 per month, per ticket for the number of months remaining up to and including March.

  Please join and encourage others too. The involvement of the community will significantly strengthen applications that the Friends make for grants for larger projects.

 For further information about The Friends of Hartest Church, and if you'd like to participate in any way, please contact :Gill Leeming 01284 830178 /

FRIENDS OF HARTEST CHURCH – BOOK EXCHANGE / FOR SALE. Because the donations of quality books has been very generous, we have decided that if you wish to, please feel free to buy one to keep. Just leave an amount of your choosing, in the donation box which is found by the right hand side of the books at the back of the next pew. We are so appreciative to all of you who are supporting this branch of fund raising by The Friends of Hartest Church. To remind you, books to borrow for 50p are on the pew at the back of the Church by the South door. Contributions of “new” books to the library are very welcome. Happy reading!!