Trees on The Green

Dear Resident of Hartest,

You will no doubt remember Storm Doris back in February. It came as a bit of a shock to find two trees blown over on The Green and to find that they had previously unsuspected rot.

Following a letter from the residents of The Green, the parish council recruited a company of experts to assess the rest of the trees on The Green and to identify any which might pose a threat should another storm arrive. This review identified two of the ornamental chestnuts in the avenue across The Green to have serious defects and their recommendation is to fell both on safety grounds. Without doubt, there will be others in the future that also have to be removed on safety grounds and the appearance of The Green will be changed. The report of this review is available here >>

You can also view HPC Tree Safety Policy here >>

In addition to this review of current trees, the consultants were asked to look further ahead with a view to maintaining the attractiveness of The Green over the next 50 years. However, your parish council feels it is right to consult everyone in the village before proceeding any further (beyond safety issues) and to that end set up a small working party to consult you. That is why you have received this letter.

We have included a map showing the current state of the existing trees and their perceived environmental/aesthetic value (as identified in the review). Apart from the two chestnuts it also shows other trees (with dotted circles round them) which it is suggested may be felled in the longer term.

Everyone will have their own views about this and about possible new planting and to this end we would like to invite you to a public meeting, probably in The Village Institute in the early spring. Details to follow.

With Best Wishes

John Kemp (Tree Warden) Malcolm Brearley (Parish Councillor)

David Leeming Erica Clark


December 2017