In Aid of Jack and Alice

Date: 3 June 2017
Time: 18:00

Location: Hartest Church, IP29 4DH

A Concert and Charity Auction is being arranged to help raise funds   click here for details of the event.

Michael Simpson was a British national working and living in Shanghai with his girlfriend Rachel. On 20thMarch 2017, the couple were brutally attacked with a knife by Weiwei Fu, Michael’s ex-wife of two years. The attack left Michael dead, and Rachel in a critical condition. This all happened while the children, Jack (6) and Alice (5) slept in the bedroom.

After the attack, Weiwei was arrested and Rachel treated for her injuries. She has minimal use of one of her arms. Ian, Michael’s father travelled to Shanghai to mourn his son and bring back his grandchildren to the UK in the hope of giving them a normal upbringing, with one parent dead and one in prison.

It quickly became apparent, however, that the children had effectively been abducted and used as a bargaining chip. Weiwei Fu’s brother whisked the children some 500 miles away after the attack. The Fu’s are seeking to exploit a quirk in the Chinese legal system, where they are seeking ‘forgiveness’ from Rachel, in return for the release of the children into grandfather Ian and Rachel’s custody. Granting forgiveness would dramatically reduce the sentence of the murderer’s sentence, and would stop Rachel from being able to sue the Fu family.

With no hope of free care, Rachel urgently needs money to fund the costs of her recovery and bring the children into safety. The family have already spent substantial sums.

The Simpsons and Rachel are now faced with a grim scenario: spiralling legal and medical costs with no access to the children. Fergus Dyer-Smith, a friend of the family has set up a JustGiving crowdfunding page to fundraise for these costs. The page has reached £5,260 of its £35,000 target. It can be viewed here:



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