Hartest Film Club

Date: 15 December 2017
Time: 19:30

Location: Boxted and Hartest Institut4e, IP29 4DH

IN A LONELY PLACE (1950 93 MINUTES) Humphrey Bogart

The most complex characterisation of Bogart's career is the centrepiece of this involved and sophisticated film noir.

He's the Hollywood screenwriter Dixon Steele who's keen on a drink and a spot of violence — even against women.

One night he invites a garrulous girl back to his apartment; early the next day she's discovered murdered and he's the prime suspect.

Gloria Grahame who lives in the apartment opposite provides him with an alibi because he looks "interesting", but as they gradually fall for each other, his behaviour becomes increasingly erratic.

A tremendously effective study of an individual on a knife-edge of nerves and instability.


All are welcome, and your first film entitles you to become a member of the film club with reduced entry fees for all subsequent films

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