Neighbourhood Plan

The Hartest Neighbourhood Plan Pre-Submission Consultation is now closed.  Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit comments. 

The Hartest Neighbourhood Plan Working Group will now be creating a Consultation Report which will record the comments received, the issues raised and how the plan will be modified in response.  The Working Group are planning to present the report to a public meeting in due course.

To read the unmodified version of the plan and associated documents:

Current members of The Hartest Neighbourhood Plan Working Group:
Cllr. Nick Price (Chairman), Douglas Chivers (Joint Vice Chairman), Ralph Carpenter (Joint Vice Chairman), Cllr Jo Pask, Erica Clark, Clive Gare, Peter Griffiths, Brenda Griffiths, Chris Collins, Toby Leeming.

Links to online repositories of the Agendas & Minutes are below:

Agendas of the Working Group Meetings

Minutes of the Working Group meetings



The next meeting of the Working Group will be at 7pm 4th September at Mill House, Hartest.

Please contact Nick Price for further details 01284 830834