Update on Repair of Bells 2015

ALL SAINTS CHURCH NEWS – UPDATE ON THE BELLS In  December 2014 you may recall the article in CONTACT giving the history of the 6 Hartest Church Bells and the subsequent action we would need to take with regard to bell no. 5 which had cracked. There was great excitement, when on the 8th June, the “Bell” man from Whites of Appleton plus Stephen Stone and his team, lowered the bell from its “moorings” with block and tackle, in preparation for its journey to Appleton via Newmarket where it was welded by Soundweld. To be able to touch it, see the crack, as well as the inscription around the top “John Darbie made me 1661” with decoration moulded between each word, was so interesting. It was amazing to know that this bell had not been seen in daylight since it was re-hung in 1953, when all the bells were moved to enable a new frame to be installed. Due to its weight, David Pask kindly helped lift the bell from ground level onto the truck with his fork lift. Before it began its journey, was driven via the School for the children to see it.

The bell will return to the Village on 15th July (2 days after copy has to be submitted for CONTACT).  Plans for the day are, that it will arrive at 10 30am and with an audience of children from the School and other interested villagers and passersby, David Pask is again assisting with the lift from the truck to the trolley. An EADT photographer will be recording the event as they did in 1953 when another bell was moved. This time it will take two days, because other work is to be done, which will ensure that everything in the whole belfry will be in good order. It will be good to hear the full peal again and that we will be able to celebrate future events such as weddings and other joyful occasions, as well as the lives of departed residents including the remembrance on the anniversary dates, of those who lost their lives in the first world war.     

To fund this work generous donations have been given and a large contribution is being made from the ring fenced “Friends of Hartest Church” account. The PCC are aware that there still may be others who would like to contribute - and your donation, however small, would be greatly appreciated. If you are in the position to use the Gift Aid system, envelopes can be found in the Church which along with completed details and your contribution can be placed in the “hole” in the wall. Cheques should be made out to Hartest and Boxted PCC, marked on the back ‘Church Bells and Tower Fund’. If you wish to gift money in any other way please contact Iain Selfridge Treasurer, Telephone 01284 830442. Email: the.selfridges@virgin.net or write to Trenton, Cross Green, Hartest. IP29 4ED.